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To attain the highest level of success in your cannabis business, it comes down to hiring people who are best for the job. It’s not about hiring people that you know

Herbal Hire is your definitive resource for pre-employment testing solutions specific to the cannabis, hemp, and CBD industries. We take the guesswork out of identifying and selecting top performing team members. This frees you up to do what you do best – run your business.

Our founder is Michael Spremulli. He is president of The Chrysalis Corporation. He has over 20 years experience as a pre-employment testing expert. Michael has profiled over 50,000 job candidates throughout his career. His results are so on-point, his clients often refer to him as a mind reader.

The cannabis industry is experiencing exponential growth. It is also experiencing many challenges. Hiring does not have to be one of them.

If you have recently thought or said any of the following, we can help:
  • “Employee turnover costs are bleeding the company dry.”

  • “How can I tell if the sales pro I want to hire is going to perform well BEFORE I stump up the cash?”

  • “How can I identify job applicants with a strong work ethic?”

  • “I hired someone who looked great on paper, had solid references, and interviewed “really, really well” turned out to be a complete and total dud. How can you really tell a strong candidate from a weak one?”

  • “We are launching a new division in the company and it is essential that we hire an independent, self-motivated leader. They will be responsible for over 1000 employees. How can we be sure that they will have the required bench strength to succeed?”

  • “None of my hourly employees show up consistently. How can I be sure that my new hires are reliable?”

  • “I hired someone who worked at a company much larger than mine. I thought they would kill it in the position. They were an utter failure! How did this happen and how can I avoid it in the future?”

  • “How can I be sure that my hourly workers are trustworthy?”

  • “I’m spending a fortune just trying to REPLACE team members.”

  • “I feel like everyone hires faster and more efficiently than us.”

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