Pre-employment tests provide an accurate, standardized, and unbiased way to evaluate your candidates. These scientifically validated assessments help you determine which applicants are most qualified for a position.

We can assess over 300 different cognitive, personality, motivational, and behavioral traits for a wide range of positions. Here are just a few:

  • Honesty
  • Dependability
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Compliance focused
  • Sales aptitude
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Customer Focus
  • How quickly someone can learn
  • Management and leadership potential
  • Detail Orientation
  • Plus, many others

Don’t let that large number scare you. Based on your company’s needs and requirements, we help you quickly and easily figure out what key areas you need to focus on. 

There are a plethora of factors that impact pricing such as the type(s) of position which you would be using assessments on, the specific assessment(s) utilized, amount/type of data collected, method of deployment, utilization volume, the amount of interpretive support needed, whether or not assessment customization if required, amount of training needed, etc. It is impossible to list pricing information on our site due to such a large number of factors. Here is the good news. You can schedule a brief phone call here to discuss your requirements and obtain solid pricing information. Don’t worry – this is a no-pressure, hype-free call. If we are not the right people that you need to be working with, we will point you in the direction of who is.

The exact opposite is true. With over 20 years’ experience in the pre-hire assessment industry, we literally have implementation down to a science. Regardless of whether your company is large or small we can have you up and running within a matter of days. Sometimes even sooner.

This is where we really shine. Our founder Michael Spremulli has extensive training in personality assessment. He is a nationally recognized expert in understanding and interpreting assessment results. When you have questions, you can rest easy knowing that expert support is only a call or click away.

YES! Provided you are using job relevant and validated tests, you are legally allowed to use them in your business as part of your hiring process. The Chrysalis Corporation uses and recommends only assessments that are held to the strictest scientific standards.

We have assessment solutions appropriate for associate through executive/C Suite positions and just about everything in between.

Not anymore. Yes, we work with many large clients who need an enterprise level solution. Our core clients are primarily small to mid-sized companies. Our assessments help you level the playing field when it comes to hiring top talent.

Pre-employment assessments help you take the guesswork out of identifying and hiring top performers. Employee turnover goes down and cost savings go up. The bottom line: we help you make better hires – guaranteed!

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